My Trouble With Eschatology

Shane’s recent post about millennial views got me thinking again.  Here I am with so many theological thoughts, and still not stand on eschatology. When I was thirteen, I had my first introduction to eschatology.  Our youth pastor did a whole series.  I learned about the rapture, the tribulation and so on.  We even watched […]

The State of Reformation Churches Part 1

In the mid 90’s as a new generation of Christians was investigating the Reformed Faith, often looking for new churches, some, with their newest edition of Modern Reformation magazine in hand, were using Michael Horton’s article, Finding a Church as their guide. With a new vigor, these young Calvinists, even though sometimes obnoxious, were very […]

Christian T-shirts With Good Theology


In an age where consumerism has made its way into the Church, there is about every kind of Christian shirt out there.  Fluffy, silly, good theology and bad theology alike. But I like what New Reformation Press has done with their products.  They have taken a different spin on  Christian tees.  When you are wearing […]

Reformation in America- The Last 20 years


When  Michael Spencer (The internet Monk) recently predicted a Coming Evangelical Collapse, while many agreed, there were also many horrified at such a prediction.  While Mr. Spencer  has only said out loud what many of us have been thinking, he may have gained more attention because of the specifics of his predictions.  Much of what […]

Do We Really Have A Christian Nation?


I know it is popular for Christians to proclaim that our nation is Christian.  To fight for Christian values based on that premise, but is it true?  What is it about our nation that makes it Christian?  Is it that which it was founded on, or that which defines it now?  It is almost as […]

My Experience With Medical Marijuana


After Shane recently referred to an earlier post on medical marijuana, I had to write and tell about my own experience with it, here in the state of Colorado where medical marijuana is legal. A year and a half ago a friend of ours suffering with illness as a result of withdrawal from over-prescribed anti […]

God’s Sovereignty: Why It Took Sickness To Give me an Eternal Perspective

I love my life. I have four great kids, a wonderful husband, the best friends in the world, and the grace of Jesus. But I had made an idol out of obedient children, being super-mom, having a clean beautiful home, and other things. And then I got knocked down, humbled. For the past year or […]

My Love-Hate Relationship With The Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

Before I got married, I worked as a Nanny for a Jewish family.  On one occasion, the father of the family asked me why Christians attach a cartoon character to what should be their most Holy celebrations.  Jews take their Holy Holidays very seriously, and this had bothered him for a long time. My own […]

Loving One Another Deeply


This week as we reflect on the death, burial, and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I have also been reflecting on the love that we ought to have for one another in the body of Christ. Together we have been saved by His grace and have been adopted  as sons of God […]

Why I Wear A Dress To Church (Update)

Shortly after the inauguration of our new President, I heard an interview with Andrew Card, upset about the less stringent dress code that Obama would have in the oval office. He explained that a more formal dress code contributed to a sense of honor for the President of the United States. And yet the same […]