Donald Trump speaks on the final night of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Photo credit: ABC/ Ida Mae Astute (CC-By-ND 2.0)
Donald Trump speaks on the final night of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
Photo credit: ABC/ Ida Mae Astute (CC-By-ND 2.0)

I wrote yesterday about how Donald Trump has gone off the rails, and it has primarily been of his own making.

Speaker Paul Ryan in an interview with a local Wisconsin radio station highlights the problem, and I’ve got to say he’s right on the money.

“We just came out our convention, and yeah he’s had a pretty strange run since the convention,” he told Jerry Bader of Wisconsin local radio station WTAQ in a Thursday interview. “You would think you oughta be focusing on Hillary Clinton, on all of her deficiencies. She is such a weak candidate that one would think we’d be on offense against Hillary Clinton, and it is distressing that that’s not what we’re talking about these days.”

(HT to Amber Phillips of The Fix for the Ryan quote)

Hillary Clinton is incredibly beatable. I just highlighted her extreme position on abortion yesterday and taxes this morning. Couple that with her dismal approval rating a typical Republican candidate should be leading at this point, but it’s Trump we are dealing with.

It was clear Clinton got a bump after the Democratic National Convention. Now it looks like a full blown surge.

I don’t see the bleeding stopping anytime soon.

Addendum: Just a note to Trump supporters… You can not reasonably tout polls that are good for your candidate and then when they go bad say they’re skewed. As I’ve said before, polls are a snapshot of where a campaign is at right now. Trump is on a downward slide, but that doesn’t mean circumstances, a Clinton misstep, debates, etc. can’t turn things around. At this moment I don’t see it happening. Another Wikileaks dump or an FBI investigation of Clinton into whether she perjured herself before Congress could turn this race up on its head though.  Your candidate isn’t giving me much confidence that it will be turned around based on what his campaign does though.

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